My Sickness

Today, I was supposed to go to school and support my classmates because they were playing basketball and volleyball against our upper class men and stuff. And we have to meet up at 7:30AM at our campus to talk about stuff. But it was way too early, me being a “nocturnal” person. So I ended up waking at about past 8:30, maybe it was already 9AM, with 2 or 3 missed calls and 4 or 5 messages. But I didn’t reply ’cause I have no load nor intention of buying some.

I went on with my morning ritual and then opened my twitter. Nothing much was on expect my classmate was searching for a fellow classmate who was also online and still at home. I replied. Of course, it didn’t need any billing so yeheeey. We agree to go to the univ at 10:30AM so I started preparing while listening to All Time Low. But when I was almost done—picking out clothes, I thought that when I get there the game would have been done so I reasoned with myself that going there would just mean nothing and it would be a waste of energy. My laziness won thus before I could pick out an outfit, I decided not to go.

I just watched an episode of Heirs, semi cleaned, read about gardening, and finished reading an e-book. All I did all day was lay down, sit, played with my cats, walk around a bit, and my favorite part, eat.

Just another unproductive day resulting from my sickness. Laziness.

Mayu ♡