30DC – Day 7

11:06 PM +8 GMT


   My zodiac sign is actually Leo. I think it does but it doesn’t… I mean everyone is different. Some traits do and some not. Like when my friends told me to stop talking about myself but I didn’t pick up this until college. I wasn’t talkative too until college. I don’t think I’m strong enough as described. I don’t want to lead or anything. I don’t think I’m that dramatic. I can be serious or goofy if I want to.  I don’t want to be around to many people especially the center of attention.I just wanna stay home and read books. But I do want to help others if I think it is right. I’m laid back. I want a long, serious, faithful relationship. And I am cheerful and a positive thinker but a realist most of the time.

  So you are who you are. The zodiacs might be similar to your personality but remember that it’s just a guide. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the description is what you are.

— Mayu


30DC – Day 6


30 Facts about Me
1. I hate Wednesdays
2. Allergic to seafood
3. I rarely consider a person as my bestfriend bc I think everyone leaves
4. I’m weird af. Like totally! Even when in public
5. Mostly not a picky eater except for seafood
6. I love Lee Jaehwan
7. I have three annoying siblings, a younger sis, an older bro, and a younger bro
8. I’m majoring in Journalism but I don’t like it.
9. 9 and 2 is my favorite number.
10. I mostly wear black, white, gray, blue, and brown clothes, other colors are dark or pastel
11. I’ve been into kpop for 5 years. I think.
12. I cosplayed before I converted to kpop
13. I know 3 languages but I don’t master them all. Tagalog, English, and Korean
14. I need to work on my Tagalog because it’s so poor even though I’ve been speaking it all my life and never left the PH
15. I’ve been studying Korean for 2 years? I think. I still have a lot to learn
16. I don’t like being around too many people
17. I’m quiet at first but I’m crazy weird when close
18. Hell scared of spiders uhkk
19. I’m poor
20. Japan has a special place in my heart. I really wanna go there.
21. I’m mostly on Twitter, rarely on Facebook.
22. I often remember my dreams.
23. My eyes are uneven. Which makes it hard to do make up. My right eye has too many creases while my left is a hidden double lid.
24. I have a bracelet that I wear always. It’s the only accesory that I have kept for so long. 3 yrs?
25. I’m really clumsy. I trip on my own foot on flat surfaces.
26. I have feet that are angled towards each other a.k.a. knock kneed.
27. I think my name is a mouthful so I stick with Isha or Mayu
28. Totally a cat person. But I still like dogs, esp Husky. No hate going on
29. Buys a lot of books but doesn’t read them.
30. I’m an insomniac.

30DC – Day 5


   I thought of ending my life just recently. I was too stressed of everything happening around me. College, fangirling, reality and fantasy… But then I was too lazy to get up and do any thing. I was scared of getting hurt. I remembered that someone would miss me if I was gone. I gained strength through those things. To not do it. To continue living because I don’t want to cause anybody grief because of me. Also BTOB’s It’s Okay really helped a lot. Truly a healing song.

P.S There is no date bc I wrote this at around 2AM and without internet so yeah. And it’s late because I thought I posted it already. Anyway, it’s still for Day 5


30DC – Day 4

10:15 PM +8 GMT


   My views on religion… I’m a Catholic but I’m not committed to the church? I don’t praise or anything. I believe in God though. I believe that donating to the church and whatnots doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person. You can do it in your own way. As long as you know what is right and wrong and do good deeds and not expect anything in return.

  Any body can choose any beliefs that they want on the condition that it doesn’t hurt, offend, and affect any one.


30DC – Day 3

9:35 PM +8 GMT


   My views on drugs and alcohol… I don’t have certain preference as long as it is in control. Except for marijuana, I think it should be legalize everywhere if it is proven of curing certain diseases, if not curing, help overcoming diseases.

   On alcohol, I think people should turn to alcohol whenever they have problems because it wouldn’t help anything. Well, if it’s their way of coping, it’s okay. I’m not judging. But I would still wish that they’ll realize it.

  That’s it. It’s okay as long as it’s moderate and doesn’t hurt or affect anybody. ^^


30DC – Day 2

10:15 PM+8 GMT


   Where I’d like to be in 10 years… I would like to be in South Korea or Japan, teaching kids or maybe editing in magazines. That would totally rock if it happens. But still maybe, I’ll stay here in the Philippines. I would still want to teach kids or maybe even adults but English or edit in magazines. By then I should have travelled most of Asia, I wish. I would want a child but I want him or her when I’m stable. Who doesn’t. But the generation today is frustrating…

   Well that’s it. I just woke up and fortunately I remembered this and wrote it, then I shall sleep again. Good night.

— Mayu

30DC – Day 1

11:53PM +8 GMT


   My current relationship… I’m physically single but mentally not. I might date around but that’s all it is?? I too don’t know. I don’t even date around! I’m surrounded by girls. Lol. And I don’t swing that way. Maybe it’s just that I’m not ready for any relationships or whatever. I’m waiting for the right time? And right guy? Oh my, that is so cheezyyy!!

   I’m totally enjoying my single life! I can do whatever I want, see whoever I want without anyone holding me back. The money I saved goes all to foods! I love foods. Maybe I should have a relationship with it. But sometimes, there are times that I want someone that I can steal food from, or shirts. Someone that I can tell my jokes and they’ll laugh even it’s not funny or they’ll tease me that I can’t tell jokes to save lives or something. Hang out all afternoon, buy me food, have a secret place, buy me chicken, cola, and doughnuts, eat food together, I dunno and just have fun. But even though I don’t have a boyfriend, I have friends that I do those things with so, I don’t need a man~~

P.S. I wrote this late, but I guess it still counts as 1st of Nov? Kekeke

30 Day Challenge

2:34 AM +8 GMT


   I’m thinking about starting this challenge in my weak attempt to make  this blog active. Lol. I don’t even know if I can continuously post a blog regularly. And this is the first time I’m doing a challenge like this. I shall try it out and see if I can do it.

   About Day 15, since this is not tumblr, I don’t have an acc there, and I dunno what’s happening there… I should replace it with something else.  Shall I blog about favourite WordPress sites? I don’t think I have one though. Well, whatever we’ll get through it.

   I shall start today since it’s first of November and will end at the 30th for it to be exact. I might post at around 9PM to 10PM later and shall constantly (please) post at around that time everyday. I will also try to post it in Korean but in another blog post but I’m not really sure because of my lack of vocabulary so yeah. Whatever.

   Good luck to me.

— Mayu