2AM thoughts

2:03AM 8+ GMT

I’ve been tweeting less these days but I dunno how I killed time while not tweeting. So basically, I haven’t done anything productive for the pass few days. //I watched I Remember You last week though//

But earlier, I was scrolling through my acc and searching for some B2UTYs to follow ’cause BEAST feeds are lessening — I’ve been very picky with B2UTYs that I follow, especially some international fans because I’ve been continuously disappointed by their attitude.

I’m following a fansite and she seems, I dunno, frustrated about something. I wanted to help her or cheer her up or something but when I tried, it seems that even if I studied Korean diligently for 2 years, I still can’t say what I want to. I wished for her to somewhat have strength from me but I ended up being dissatisfied by my own capacity.

I guess I still have a lot more to learn…

— Mayu