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  Hi. Hello. Good morning? I am writing now cause I have this case of insomnia right now. I have cured this last last week. I think some cause are the following. Though I don’t think this may interest some of you. This just a rant, mind you.

  Unfortunately, one cause was of Misa de Gallo, the series of about 9 or 10 night masses or shall I say near daybreak masses that you complete for a wish when Christmas is near. It also seems that it was caused by stress or by untimely lifestyle. I was supposed to be a night or evening class student but I have such classes in 7AM and some ends by 9PM. How unfair to have a 7AM class when your in a night class. And also when I read! I cannot stop until I finish the book. But even after I finished the book, I still can’t sleep. Omo. What to do?

  Whenever I suffer this at night it feels weird in the morning. Waking when there’s still sunlight. Ain’t day and night supposed to be equal? Bah. It’s also such a to waste a day away. How many things you can do in broad daylight that you can’t do at night? Don’t answer that. Thought if I am in some rural area or countryside I think I’d be able to do it. But I’m afraid of what’s in the dark so just stick to the normal lifestyle.

  So I think that should be it. Cause now I’m sleepy and my eyes are dropping. It’s nice to write to sleep cause reading to sleep is overrated. Lol.

   —Mayu ♥


TEASERS // See B2ST’s JunHyung’s Album Photos + Tracklist Now!!

║ℭALLIE SEOUL║ ☆ Kᴘᴏᴘ ☆ Nᴇᴡs ☆ Gᴏssɪᴘ ☆ Fᴀsʜɪᴏɴ ☆ Tʀᴀᴠᴇʟ ☆ Iᴅᴏʟs


Yong Jun Hyung, main rapper and member of (only my 2nd favorite k-pop boy band)  BEAST, has a highly anticipated 1st solo album coming out on Dec 13th  titled “Flower”. The title track “Flower” supposedly will feature an electric piano and saxophone sound and will be noted for having a different feel from his work with BEAST. Jun Hyung is a noted songwriter and producer in his own right, having composed songs for BEAST and his fellow member Yang Yosoeb‘s 1st Solo effort, “Caffeine”. He has also worked with a variety of  other top Korean entertainers, including diva legend Kim Wan Sun, 4Minute’s Hyuna, Wheesung, G.Na, and much more.

Check out the just released album jacket photos & tracklist below:


Source: United Cube Entertainment’s Official Twitter

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Lee Gikwang and Lee Da-in look comfortable on set!

Kekeke. Looking forward to this dorama~ ❤



Singer Lee Gikwang and actress Lee Da-in have been captured on film. Lee Gikwang is seen playing with Lee Da-in’s hair

The two are currently filming for the tvN 4 part drama called ‘20s’.

The producers released still cuts on the 9th and show the two playing around and also looking comfortable together.

The story is about a top star who returns and his romance with a college student that has never dated before. It will be shown in January.

Netizens wrote “They look comfortable together”, “The fans will cry”, and “I am looking forward to the drama.”  


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(B2ST) Yong Junhyung – Flower


(비스트) 용준형
(B2ST/BEAST) Yong Junhyung
☼ 1st mini album: Flower ☼
01. Nothing is Forever
02. Flower
03. Anything (Feat. 지나)
04. Slow
05. 카페인 (Piano Ver.) (Feat. 양요섭)

02. Flower

Alright, alright

I’m a butterfly 저기 활짝 피어있는 꽃 가까이 가서 살짝
I’m a butterfly jeogi hwaljjag pieoissneun kkoch gakkai gaseo saljjag

향기를 맡아
hyang-gireul mat-a

So nice such a beautiful… oh God

Chocolate lollipop 은은하게 퍼지는 달콤함
Chocolate lollipop eun-eunhage peojineun dalkomham

순간 느껴지는 불안감 언제 사라질지 모른다는 초조함
sungan neukkyeojineun bur-angam eonje sarajilji moreundaneun chojoham

눈치라도 챈 듯이 날 감싸 안아주는 네 품은 heaven
nunchirado chaen deus-i nal gamssa an-ajuneun ne pum-eun heaven  

어느새 살며시 내 볼을 붉게 물들인 건 네 입술
eoneusae salmyeosi nae bor-eul bulg-ge muldeur-in geon ne ibsul

시간이 지나가도 넌 여전히 향기로울까 baby
sigan-i jinagado neon yeojeonhi hyang-giloulkka baby

오늘이 지나가도 넌 여전히 여기 있을까 baby
oneur-i jinagado neon yeojeonhi yeogi…

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Beauty of Dance Practices

Confessions of a K-pop Fangirl

dance practice

One of the many things that we love in K-pop are the dance practice videos. Lately, they’ve become even more common than before with most promotional songs having a dance practice video released along with it. We love them but they’re usually simple videos of the K-pop star in the practice room. Most of the time you can’t even see their faces clearly. So why do we like them so much?

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