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Hello. I was supposed to post something. But I forgot what it is. So I might as well tell what’s on my mind right now.

I was reading Jack the Ripper First American Serial Killer by Evans and Gainey. But unfortunately I wasn’t able to process any information that has been said on the book so I’m currently stuck at chapter two. It discussed a detailed assassination of Lincoln and many names were bought up and is quite confusing for me ’cause I didn’t study any American History as I am from the Philippines. Booth and his co-conspirators — which I don’t remember the names, even surnames — were theorized the very main reason of Jack the Ripper’s killing… It is due to many conspirators, a search was called to find these and justify the death of the president — sometime after the execution of Booth and comrades — a high-ranking(?) officer arrested a herbal doctor and kind of degraded? him I dunno* Well anyway, this doctor was released and then later he went to London where the killings were done. Thus that doctor might be the mysterious Jack the Ripper.

And I’ve been irritated that the book some times doesn’t have a punctuation when it’s needed. Parts were there’s no comas and it peeves me so much. And I’m just in chapter two! Two! Ugh.

*I somewhat didn’t understand some things and based it on my own apprehension so these maybe inaccurate.
❇Note that I am still in chapter two and the book is kinda thick; a bit like your normal novel but inside has no spacing and packed in a page. So yeah. TMI. ㅠㅠ

I was gonna tell about the other book too that I started ’cause I was frustrated with Jack the Ripper but nah. Next time. —I’m already chapter nine there after a couple of hours— lol.

— Mayu ♡

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Jack The Ripper First American Serial Killer by Steward Evans and Paul Gainey




Good evening. Hahaha.

Nothing. I just feel like write here but I don’t have anything to talk about. Hahaha.

I already fogot that I was writing this! Good thing I remembered. Hahaha.

And I just hella forgot what I was going to type cause the people surrouding me are annoying as fuck. Hahaha!

I’m just going to stop this nonsense. So bye. 🙂





Hey! How’s it going?

The last time I posted I mentioned a group that has caught my eye. Well, now they’re coming to my country! How cool is that! Luckily, I have money to go! (Really lucky cause I’m poor) VIXX is coming to Manila for Utopia this 2015 May 2! I’m so excited! Yay!

Apparently BTOB is coming too but not a solo concert but a guest artist for “Best of the Best” and the line-up is 3 SM artists – Super Junior, SNSD, Red Velvet – so I don’t get it. And I don’t think it’s worth it. I feel guilty if I’m going to see VIXX but not BTOB, I also don’t want to miss this chance. I’m in dilemma. ㅠㅠㅠ

So, I don’t know what to do but I’ll probably go to Utopia then just be #teamairport for BTOB. ‘Cause my money is limited…

– Mayu


Long time no post

2015 January 5

Hey, long time no post.

Today, I felt like opening my account here so I did, and now I’m writing this post.

I was supposed to publish a post last time about a group that I’m starting to like called VIXX, but the draft was erased and I didn’t feel like writing it again so I didn’t write it anymore. Such a waste.

Anyway, have a nice day! Or should I say, I hope you had a nice day? Kekeke. Good night!



Journal Entry

14.06.07 10:09 PM


Hi. It’s been a while since I’ve written here. I have nothing to do and I don’t know why but I just feel like writing and telling someone my day. But only you’re here. Oh my gosh. Heukheukheuk. ㅠㅡㅠ I have no friend. Kekeke. Joke! Peace.

Today, should I start well it stuck twelve midnight? Nah. Kekeke. I woke up at almost eight AM, well, dad woke me up. And I slept at four AM ’cause of my insomnia! Aish. My dad, sister and I were gonna go to where the Korean class that dad was recommended to to enroll me. Kekeke. And because I’m too slow when preparing, we arrived there almost eleven o’clock. How that. OTL Mianhaeyo. Kekeke. I also enroll Yeoja without her there. Buahaha I was the one who filled up her form. Nyahaha. >ㅁ<

After that we went to Robinson’s Place. We didn’t stay long there. We just ate and stroll around for a bit and went off. Dad headed home but he offered us to go to SM that’s near our house so yeah. My sister and I went straight to the arcade and played and sang in the karaoke there. I even got a perfect score for BEAST – Fiction! We’re meant to be~ hart hart ‘Cause every song I sang I got low points. Kekeke! But 100 uwa! I got shocked! Asa! Yatta! Kekeke. But then again I think we spent too much. Ugh OTL We were told to buy a puzzle cube but unfortunately, we hadn’t found any. When came home almost five o’clock in the afternoon. Heol.

I just finished watching a k-drama, You’ve Fallen For Me a.k.a Heartstrings, starring Park Shinhye and Jung Yonghwa. Yeah, I know that the drama was aired four years ago. I watched it then but I got tired of things quickly so I didn’t get to finish it. But hey, the drama was daebak! Everytime Shinhye cries, I cry too. Whenever she acts, she has this magic that the viewer will feel what the character is feeling too… Enough of that, it’s another story.

Today was so tiring but fun! It was so hard that my leg aches. Well, it’s better now. Yay! Anyway, I just wanted to tell someone how my day is. Anyeongpyeong~!


~Mayu ♡

Hey! Say! JUMP is ♥

319494_10150987319021698_44394802_n 165918_10150987308061698_1372875012_n

I’m recently into a Jpop group called Hey! Say! JUMP which is surprising ’cause I thought I wouldn’t have anything to do with Japan again. I gave up on cosplaying which I miss. I don’t watch anime nowadays and The World God Only Knows is the only manga I’m updated to. And lastly, I mostly forgot nihongo. I only remember some basics. It’s very sad. Even though I’m happy with BEAST. My feels when BEAST is active in Japan rather than in Korea is more ugh… I don’t know how to explain it. I guess I’m more excited when it comes to Japan. Japan has a very special place in my heart.

Anyway, this post is about my feels towards Hey! Say! JUMP but I ended up telling those things too. I’m sorry. Kekeke.

Hey! Say! JUMP. Was formerly a ten member group but Ryoutaro Morimoto was suspended due to underage smoking scandal. The name was derived from the time the member are born, Heisei era. And JUMP for Johnny’s Ultra Music Power. They debut late 2007, I think it was December 22 when they held their debut concert. They are split into two subgroup that separates the older members and the younger ones. Hey! Say! BEST(Boys Excellent Select Team) consist of Kota Yabu, Yuya Takaki, Kei Inoo, Hikaru Yaotome, and Daiki Arioka. And Keito Okamoto, Ryousuke Yamada, Yuto Nakajima, and Yuri Chinen of Hey! Say! 7.

Kota Yabu. I can’t believe that he’s the oldest. He’s 24 or something. He’s the same age as Yoseob and their birthdays are near each other. Yoseob’s is 5 January 1990 and Kota’s is 31 January 1990. He’s 177.5 cm which is about 5’10. His hometown is Kanagawa, I want to go there which makes me like him more. He likes soccer. He has a high pitched voice like Yoseob’s and was called “An Angels Voice”. He writes songs. He also plays the piano and guitar.(Just my type of man. ♥ Loljk) And he looks like BTOB’s Changseob so I was able remember him immediately.

Yuya Takaki. The second oldest. He’s 23 but will be turning 24 on 26 March. He’s 176 cm. He was born in Osaka. He’s scared of bugs like Dongwoon. Lol. I heard he was in a relationship with a member of 9nine, I think her name was Rubi? He also starred in Gokusen 3 as Yamato Ogata.

Kei Inoo. My ideal type. lol. He was born on 22 June 1990 so he’s 23. Seven years age difference. Huhuhu. Cries. ╥﹏╥ He’s from Saitama Prefecture. He’s 174 cm. He’s 11 cm taller than me. Lol. I’m his ideal type of girl. Smart, kind, responsible, cute, has manners, and has common sense. Lolwhat. He likes the color sky blue. Bang. He draws. Bang. He plays basketball. Bang. He plays the piano and guitar. Bang bang bang! Dead. ✖‿✖ Kekeke He likes studying different things. He dislikes Math and English but he still keeps studying English. Aww. That’s for me guys ’cause my favorite subject is English. XD Please ignore me. I think he’s studying Architecture at Meiji University. Omo. ❤ ( ˘ ³˘)♥  I think he has a 4D personality like Hyunseung. It is said that he like telling Yuya random lies. Lol. Just like Hyunseung. Telling lies and stuff. He love-hates the roller coaster. Just like me. Omo. We’re meant to be. Loljk. He is often seen wearing a cap. ♥ I fell for him at first sight. Loljk He’s also bestfriends with Kota~ Omo. Mah guys. XD

Hikaru Yaotome. I can’t believe he’s in Hey! Say! BEST. I thought he’s in the same age as Ryousuke. Lol. He was born on 2 December 1990. He’s from Sendai. And has the height of 173 cm. He plays the drums, bass, and guitar. ♥ He likes western music like NSYNC. He doesn’t like cats. ㅇㅅㅇ Nyaw. XD He’s friends with Haruma Miura. Omo Haruma Miura. ♥♥♥ Lol. He is also in Ikemen Desu ne, the Japanese version of the Korean drama You’re Beautiful, as Hongo Yuki the conterpart of Jeremy.

Daiki Arioka. She’s — I mean he’s 22 and is born on 15 April 1991. At first I thought Daiki was a girl (I saw him separately from the members) Lol. He’s from Chiba. His height is 166 cm. Kekeke. He play football and soccer. And his favorite subject is English. ♥ He has worked as an actor in various dramas.

Keito Okamoto. He looks like Yang Seungho of MBLAQ. Lol. He’s born on 1993 April first. He’s from Chiba. He resided in England for almost four years. He’s father is Kenichi Okamoto, a former member of a rock band in the same agency, and his mother is the model Nishi Katsue. He’s the only member who is fluent in English.♥ But he hate speaking it. He plays the guitar.♥ And his favorite foods are fried chicken, ice cream, stawberry milk and carbonara. My faves too. ♥ He has a mole under his right eye. XD  He likes math, blue and Doraemon. He’s also unintentionally funny. Lol. He doesn’t eat fish ’cause “they’re too pretty”. Lolwhat.

Ryosuke Yamada. Heol. This guy. I think this guy is the most famous in the group. 9th May of 1993 is his birthday. He’s from Kanagawa. ♥ His height is 165 cm. He likes reading manga, cooking, fishing, strawberries, eggplant (wat), meat, soccer, Star Wars, and blue. He’s also in NYC with Yuri Chinen and Yuma Nakayama. He also pursued a successful solo career. He’s currently learning to speak Korean. He’s a loud person. Heol. He likes to hang out with fellow members especially, Yuri. He became friend with Yuto when Yuto offered to walked home together. He’s afraid of airplanes, ghosts, but is interested in them, and dark places. When filming a PV him and Yuto fought over whose gonna be Yuri’s older brother. Lolwhat. He likes to be call Ryou-kun instead of Yama-chan. Daiki and Yuri is his bestfriends. He likes strawberries so much that he’s scared that he’s face would turn red by eating too much, and he dreams about a strawberry full pool. What. -___-” He has beaten all the members in arm wrestling.♥ He hates rollercosters and loves the sea. He collects manga and airguns.

Yuto Nakajima. I though this guy was one of the oldest but nooo. -___- He born on 10 August of 1993. He’s from Tokyo. And is 178 cm tall. He’s also a model.♥ He likes Naruto, Arakawa Under the Bridge, mango, strawberry, meat, horse sashimi, the color white, PE, horse riding, skiing, and dogs. ヾ(●ω●)ノ ♥ He plays a lot of sports which includes soccer, basketball, volleyball, and karate (he’s a purple belter). He’s a fan of Johnny Depp and Daniel Radcliffe. He’d wants to married when he’s 26 to 30 years old and he wants three kids, girl, boy, boy. Because he thinks girls are tough so he wants his first daughter to grow up right and let her settle her brothers down.

Yuri Chinen. My bias? Heol. I dunno. He’s the youngest. 30 November 1993 is he’s birthday. He’s only 161 cm. He’s from Shizuoka. His father is a bronze medalist in gymnastics. His mother taught him jazz dancing and it’s his hobby ever since. He’s also good at acrobatics and soccer.  He likes Dr. Slump, Tom and Jerry, gyoza, cucumber, and pink. He is spoiled by Ryousuke. He’s the shortest. Huhuhu. It’s okay baby. XD He demands his fellow members by sitting on their laps, especially Yuya’s and Daiki’s. He likes to play with sliding phones. And he is left handed. He admires Arashi’s Satoshi Ohno. ♥

That’s all. Oh my gosh. I think I spent hours in writing this. Heol. I dunno who to pick as my bias. ‘Cause I like cutiepies and this group also has my ideal type. Heol. What to do. Maybe they’ll grow on me. No need to chose. Right?

Mayu ♥





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