DLSU Accounting student jumps to death

There’s this news here in the Philippines that a 20-year-old Accounting student at De La Salle University jumped from the 2oth floor of their school. It was going around that the student was having problems with school so she killed herself. Organs splattered at the pavement.

I was reading this news and it made me really emotional. There goes another life. Life that could have been saved, if someone listened and just listened. It’s so sad that now that there’s a suicide hotline here, there’s much more news of suicides.

Having this story viral, many were quick to judge. I say, that this girl is strong. Deciding to just end her life. I guess, I’m not in that kind of level yet. I don’t even have courage to hurt myself let alone die. And I’m so thankful and happy that my friends are so understanding through my phase that it really helped me through.

For the girl who killed herself, I salute you. You were very brave. I wish you are in a better place where you don’t have to worry about any thing any more. Rest in peace.

– Mayu

12:28 MN




아 한국어 브로그를 아주 오랜만에다. 점 바빴어 그리고 화제를 생각이 없어 그래서 아직까지 못 썼다. 지금도 이브로그가 화제는 없는데. 그래도 한국어로 쓰고 싶었어 따라서 이곳에 있다. 하나 생각했어 근데 그 화제가 점 어럽는 것 같아서 안쓸거에요. 그장현승 이슈. 엄청 많이 느낌이 있어는데 한국어로 못표현하는 것 같았어요. 그이슈 제외하면, 다 생각이 사색하서 진짜 없다. 그렇기 때문에 머리 아프다. 너무 아파서 저는 지금까지 쓸거에요. 지루한 사람되서 미안하다. 안녕 ㅋㅋㅋ



Will you be alright

This is actually my first time sharing my thought about Hyunseung’s withdrawal from BEAST. I actually knew it was coming when all of them were crying during Beautiful Show last year. It was heart wrecking to see those photos. I was tweeting the possibility of it on twitter and B2UTYs were telling me, “No, don’t say such horrible scary things. Believe in them. It’s only for enlistment.” Nevertheless I already felt that, “Ah crying like this. It can’t just be because of enlistment.” Seeing that, I got so scared then because that was what MBLAQ did; had a concert, cried during that, then shortly after Joon and Sanghyun left. The two events had the same feeling. That’s why I already cried my share then and was more prepared when it came now. Even so, I still haven’t grasped it yet. I can’t bear with it. I feel numb. I feel like a coward for dodging this kind of issue. I feel helpless and powerless for not being able to protect them. I feel aggravated at BEAST for not keeping their promise and just making us hope. I feel infuriated at Cube for not defending him. And just not letting him continue as BEAST because in my perspective, him being solo would mean that he won’t have someone to support him through his tough time like the current situation. If things were different—meaning they defended him and stood up for him— maybe it would have turned out better. Maybe I’m mistaken, I’m no fortune teller, I don’t know the standards over there and what’s really happening because I’m not from or there. However, I’m done finding out the reason why they did it. But everything happens for a reason.

I still believe in you, guys. Though, I, on any condition, will not forget 2016-04-19. I haven’t accepted this yet. It might take long but their happiness is first priority. So B2UTYs let’s be strong for our boys considering they are the most that’s hurt right now. I love BEAST. It might feel incomplete but I’ll support them in anyway I can. See you there, see you later.

#beast #ot6

Mayu — Isha
Friday, 2016 April 22
2:30AM KST

2AM thoughts

2:03AM 8+ GMT

I’ve been tweeting less these days but I dunno how I killed time while not tweeting. So basically, I haven’t done anything productive for the pass few days. //I watched I Remember You last week though//

But earlier, I was scrolling through my acc and searching for some B2UTYs to follow ’cause BEAST feeds are lessening — I’ve been very picky with B2UTYs that I follow, especially some international fans because I’ve been continuously disappointed by their attitude.

I’m following a fansite and she seems, I dunno, frustrated about something. I wanted to help her or cheer her up or something but when I tried, it seems that even if I studied Korean diligently for 2 years, I still can’t say what I want to. I wished for her to somewhat have strength from me but I ended up being dissatisfied by my own capacity.

I guess I still have a lot more to learn…

— Mayu

Mah 18th!


As they say in our country, your 18th birthday is the most important birthday of your life. It’s your debut. Your debut to the society. The age were you can start working without the need of patents consent, get to vote, go to jail, and everything else that you could do as an adult. Some gets excited to finally become 18, having a “grand ball” and that 18 roses stuff but some aren’t and doesn’t want to be an adult for its responsibilities are a headache. And I just recently had mine…

It has been three hours and twelve minutes past mine. I still don’t know what or how to feel. But I know one thing. I’m grateful for what the higher being has given me. I didn’t have that grand ball that most girls wished for due to financial issues —I didn’t want to have an extravagant celebration anyway— hell, I didn’t even cooked celebration food for my visitors —very embarrassing I know— I only cooked tteokbeokki which is just a snack but it was very memorable. It consisted of my close friends, who even surprised me even though I wasn’t really surprised ’cause I know all of it before they presented it —I’m sorry guys! Loveyah! Haha!— and my family, who were there always by my side even if they were ups and downs, fights, and a lot of flaws, I want you guys to know that I appreciate all the things you’ve done for me and I’m forever —there’s no forever— in debt to you guys. Thank you and I love you.

From the struck of midnight, until the day ends. I am ever so thankful to everyone who remembered, called, greeted, and celebrated with me. Those who gave me gifts, took a derp photo with me being only the normal one, you guys are awesome! Actually, I’m not the type of person who announces on SNS that it’s her birthday, I dunno but maybe because I don’t need those hundreds of greetings that were only send because it notified them but a few greetings that was sent because they know already that it is indeed your birthday without the use of social media. Maybe it’s a way to know who your friend really is or how special you are to a person to remember your birthday.

All in all, I just wanted to thank those people. I got a rented karaoke machine, lots of printed pictures of Lee Minhyuk and a bond-paper-sized Yoseob one, a Toblerone, —I like Kitkat though loljk— and two cakes, mocha and black forest. 💕 Thank you guys for these! You guys know who you are no need for shout outs. Lol. But really really thank you so much! I mean it! And that I love you! Lots of hearts! Anyway, I had a happy, simple and kinda wild? celebration for my 18th.

P.S. I wanted to tell more but I forgot all about it by now. Lol. Maybe if I remember I’ll update this post.
P.P.S. I didn’t have photos on my tab but I will definitely update this post when they send them to me.


— Mayu



Hey! How’s it going?

The last time I posted I mentioned a group that has caught my eye. Well, now they’re coming to my country! How cool is that! Luckily, I have money to go! (Really lucky cause I’m poor) VIXX is coming to Manila for Utopia this 2015 May 2! I’m so excited! Yay!

Apparently BTOB is coming too but not a solo concert but a guest artist for “Best of the Best” and the line-up is 3 SM artists – Super Junior, SNSD, Red Velvet – so I don’t get it. And I don’t think it’s worth it. I feel guilty if I’m going to see VIXX but not BTOB, I also don’t want to miss this chance. I’m in dilemma. ㅠㅠㅠ

So, I don’t know what to do but I’ll probably go to Utopia then just be #teamairport for BTOB. ‘Cause my money is limited…

– Mayu


Long time no post

2015 January 5

Hey, long time no post.

Today, I felt like opening my account here so I did, and now I’m writing this post.

I was supposed to publish a post last time about a group that I’m starting to like called VIXX, but the draft was erased and I didn’t feel like writing it again so I didn’t write it anymore. Such a waste.

Anyway, have a nice day! Or should I say, I hope you had a nice day? Kekeke. Good night!



Journal Entry

14.06.07 10:09 PM


Hi. It’s been a while since I’ve written here. I have nothing to do and I don’t know why but I just feel like writing and telling someone my day. But only you’re here. Oh my gosh. Heukheukheuk. ㅠㅡㅠ I have no friend. Kekeke. Joke! Peace.

Today, should I start well it stuck twelve midnight? Nah. Kekeke. I woke up at almost eight AM, well, dad woke me up. And I slept at four AM ’cause of my insomnia! Aish. My dad, sister and I were gonna go to where the Korean class that dad was recommended to to enroll me. Kekeke. And because I’m too slow when preparing, we arrived there almost eleven o’clock. How that. OTL Mianhaeyo. Kekeke. I also enroll Yeoja without her there. Buahaha I was the one who filled up her form. Nyahaha. >ㅁ<

After that we went to Robinson’s Place. We didn’t stay long there. We just ate and stroll around for a bit and went off. Dad headed home but he offered us to go to SM that’s near our house so yeah. My sister and I went straight to the arcade and played and sang in the karaoke there. I even got a perfect score for BEAST – Fiction! We’re meant to be~ hart hart ‘Cause every song I sang I got low points. Kekeke! But 100 uwa! I got shocked! Asa! Yatta! Kekeke. But then again I think we spent too much. Ugh OTL We were told to buy a puzzle cube but unfortunately, we hadn’t found any. When came home almost five o’clock in the afternoon. Heol.

I just finished watching a k-drama, You’ve Fallen For Me a.k.a Heartstrings, starring Park Shinhye and Jung Yonghwa. Yeah, I know that the drama was aired four years ago. I watched it then but I got tired of things quickly so I didn’t get to finish it. But hey, the drama was daebak! Everytime Shinhye cries, I cry too. Whenever she acts, she has this magic that the viewer will feel what the character is feeling too… Enough of that, it’s another story.

Today was so tiring but fun! It was so hard that my leg aches. Well, it’s better now. Yay! Anyway, I just wanted to tell someone how my day is. Anyeongpyeong~!


~Mayu ♡

My Sickness

Today, I was supposed to go to school and support my classmates because they were playing basketball and volleyball against our upper class men and stuff. And we have to meet up at 7:30AM at our campus to talk about stuff. But it was way too early, me being a “nocturnal” person. So I ended up waking at about past 8:30, maybe it was already 9AM, with 2 or 3 missed calls and 4 or 5 messages. But I didn’t reply ’cause I have no load nor intention of buying some.

I went on with my morning ritual and then opened my twitter. Nothing much was on expect my classmate was searching for a fellow classmate who was also online and still at home. I replied. Of course, it didn’t need any billing so yeheeey. We agree to go to the univ at 10:30AM so I started preparing while listening to All Time Low. But when I was almost done—picking out clothes, I thought that when I get there the game would have been done so I reasoned with myself that going there would just mean nothing and it would be a waste of energy. My laziness won thus before I could pick out an outfit, I decided not to go.

I just watched an episode of Heirs, semi cleaned, read about gardening, and finished reading an e-book. All I did all day was lay down, sit, played with my cats, walk around a bit, and my favorite part, eat.

Just another unproductive day resulting from my sickness. Laziness.

Mayu ♡