DLSU Accounting student jumps to death

There’s this news here in the Philippines that a 20-year-old Accounting student at De La Salle University jumped from the 2oth floor of their school. It was going around that the student was having problems with school so she killed herself. Organs splattered at the pavement.

I was reading this news and it made me really emotional. There goes another life. Life that could have been saved, if someone listened and just listened. It’s so sad that now that there’s a suicide hotline here, there’s much more news of suicides.

Having this story viral, many were quick to judge. I say, that this girl is strong. Deciding to just end her life. I guess, I’m not in that kind of level yet. I don’t even have courage to hurt myself let alone die. And I’m so thankful and happy that my friends are so understanding through my phase that it really helped me through.

For the girl who killed herself, I salute you. You were very brave. I wish you are in a better place where you don’t have to worry about any thing any more. Rest in peace.

– Mayu

12:28 MN