30DC – Day 7

11:06 PM +8 GMT


   My zodiac sign is actually Leo. I think it does but it doesn’t… I mean everyone is different. Some traits do and some not. Like when my friends told me to stop talking about myself but I didn’t pick up this until college. I wasn’t talkative too until college. I don’t think I’m strong enough as described. I don’t want to lead or anything. I don’t think I’m that dramatic. I can be serious or goofy if I want to.  I don’t want to be around to many people especially the center of attention.I just wanna stay home and read books. But I do want to help others if I think it is right. I’m laid back. I want a long, serious, faithful relationship. And I am cheerful and a positive thinker but a realist most of the time.

  So you are who you are. The zodiacs might be similar to your personality but remember that it’s just a guide. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the description is what you are.

— Mayu


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