30DC – Day 6


30 Facts about Me
1. I hate Wednesdays
2. Allergic to seafood
3. I rarely consider a person as my bestfriend bc I think everyone leaves
4. I’m weird af. Like totally! Even when in public
5. Mostly not a picky eater except for seafood
6. I love Lee Jaehwan
7. I have three annoying siblings, a younger sis, an older bro, and a younger bro
8. I’m majoring in Journalism but I don’t like it.
9. 9 and 2 is my favorite number.
10. I mostly wear black, white, gray, blue, and brown clothes, other colors are dark or pastel
11. I’ve been into kpop for 5 years. I think.
12. I cosplayed before I converted to kpop
13. I know 3 languages but I don’t master them all. Tagalog, English, and Korean
14. I need to work on my Tagalog because it’s so poor even though I’ve been speaking it all my life and never left the PH
15. I’ve been studying Korean for 2 years? I think. I still have a lot to learn
16. I don’t like being around too many people
17. I’m quiet at first but I’m crazy weird when close
18. Hell scared of spiders uhkk
19. I’m poor
20. Japan has a special place in my heart. I really wanna go there.
21. I’m mostly on Twitter, rarely on Facebook.
22. I often remember my dreams.
23. My eyes are uneven. Which makes it hard to do make up. My right eye has too many creases while my left is a hidden double lid.
24. I have a bracelet that I wear always. It’s the only accesory that I have kept for so long. 3 yrs?
25. I’m really clumsy. I trip on my own foot on flat surfaces.
26. I have feet that are angled towards each other a.k.a. knock kneed.
27. I think my name is a mouthful so I stick with Isha or Mayu
28. Totally a cat person. But I still like dogs, esp Husky. No hate going on
29. Buys a lot of books but doesn’t read them.
30. I’m an insomniac.


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