30DC – Day 1

11:53PM +8 GMT


   My current relationship… I’m physically single but mentally not. I might date around but that’s all it is?? I too don’t know. I don’t even date around! I’m surrounded by girls. Lol. And I don’t swing that way. Maybe it’s just that I’m not ready for any relationships or whatever. I’m waiting for the right time? And right guy? Oh my, that is so cheezyyy!!

   I’m totally enjoying my single life! I can do whatever I want, see whoever I want without anyone holding me back. The money I saved goes all to foods! I love foods. Maybe I should have a relationship with it. But sometimes, there are times that I want someone that I can steal food from, or shirts. Someone that I can tell my jokes and they’ll laugh even it’s not funny or they’ll tease me that I can’t tell jokes to save lives or something. Hang out all afternoon, buy me food, have a secret place, buy me chicken, cola, and doughnuts, eat food together, I dunno and just have fun. But even though I don’t have a boyfriend, I have friends that I do those things with so, I don’t need a man~~

P.S. I wrote this late, but I guess it still counts as 1st of Nov? Kekeke


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