15.10.09 1:56AM +8GMT

I dunno but I feel so depressed whenever I’m alone that I think I need to see a professional. To the point where I just wanna finish all this shit. I wish I’m just all talk about this and never ever do it. But there are times like right now that I really can’t take it anymore. I think it’s good that when I’m talking to someone or anyone I’m my cheerful self. Maybe I just need to be around people more? But I don’t like too many people. Sometimes I think that I’m a really good actress or good at not talking. I have found that whenever I feel depressed and I’m with other people, I do things like dancing, making corny jokes, laughing excessively. I dunno but maybe to lift my spirits up even then I dunno what I’m doing. I don’t want end up not doing anything but I’m not doing anything oh god I’m not even making sense anymore. Maybe this is just my angst. And it will pass. I surely hope it will pass sooner rather than later…



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