30 Day Challenge

2:34 AM +8 GMT


   I’m thinking about starting this challenge in my weak attempt to make  this blog active. Lol. I don’t even know if I can continuously post a blog regularly. And this is the first time I’m doing a challenge like this. I shall try it out and see if I can do it.

   About Day 15, since this is not tumblr, I don’t have an acc there, and I dunno what’s happening there… I should replace it with something else.  Shall I blog about favourite WordPress sites? I don’t think I have one though. Well, whatever we’ll get through it.

   I shall start today since it’s first of November and will end at the 30th for it to be exact. I might post at around 9PM to 10PM later and shall constantly (please) post at around that time everyday. I will also try to post it in Korean but in another blog post but I’m not really sure because of my lack of vocabulary so yeah. Whatever.

   Good luck to me.

— Mayu


한국어 브로그

오전12:49 +8 GMT

  안녕하세요. 이젠 헌국어 브로그가 시작할까요. 모든지 아무것지 쓸거예요. 비스트과 할류과(?) 음식과 인생을 대강 생각해요. 아직도 잘못은 많아요… 글써 시간이 있어면, 누군가 저를 수정해요. 하면서 미리 고마워요! 저의 어휘는 아주 부적했지만 계속 한국어를 공부하고 싶어요. 잘 부탁드립니다.

— 마유💕


11:29 PM +8 GMT

I was wondering why I don’t posts my dreams here. I often remember my dreams. Some in detail, some only a person or the concept. Even if I remember them, I think it would be hard elaborate. So yeah. I think I don’t posts them because my vocabulary is limited? Hahahaha! Well, whatever. Until the next time I post. Bye.

11:34 PM


15.10.09 1:56AM +8GMT

I dunno but I feel so depressed whenever I’m alone that I think I need to see a professional. To the point where I just wanna finish all this shit. I wish I’m just all talk about this and never ever do it. But there are times like right now that I really can’t take it anymore. I think it’s good that when I’m talking to someone or anyone I’m my cheerful self. Maybe I just need to be around people more? But I don’t like too many people. Sometimes I think that I’m a really good actress or good at not talking. I have found that whenever I feel depressed and I’m with other people, I do things like dancing, making corny jokes, laughing excessively. I dunno but maybe to lift my spirits up even then I dunno what I’m doing. I don’t want end up not doing anything but I’m not doing anything oh god I’m not even making sense anymore. Maybe this is just my angst. And it will pass. I surely hope it will pass sooner rather than later…