2AM thoughts

2:03AM 8+ GMT

I’ve been tweeting less these days but I dunno how I killed time while not tweeting. So basically, I haven’t done anything productive for the pass few days. //I watched I Remember You last week though//

But earlier, I was scrolling through my acc and searching for some B2UTYs to follow ’cause BEAST feeds are lessening — I’ve been very picky with B2UTYs that I follow, especially some international fans because I’ve been continuously disappointed by their attitude.

I’m following a fansite and she seems, I dunno, frustrated about something. I wanted to help her or cheer her up or something but when I tried, it seems that even if I studied Korean diligently for 2 years, I still can’t say what I want to. I wished for her to somewhat have strength from me but I ended up being dissatisfied by my own capacity.

I guess I still have a lot more to learn…

— Mayu


The Book of Questions



Another book blog post. Lol.

I—I mean we have this book called The Book of Questions. We bought it at a book warehouse sale for only ten php, that’s like I dunno, two cents in usd. So it was really cheap. Ericka and I bought it and agreed to answer it every time we meet, which is like four to five times a week. But still ended up not finishing it even though we’ve been like three years together? Haha! The book only has two hundred seventeen questions and several further questions so we should have finished it by now but nah. We often forget to answer it or bring it altogether. Lol.

But anyway, I just wanted to share the book. ㅋㅋㅋ

Oh! And the book is sadly discontinued now. :<




                         The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, PhD

— Mayu