Jack The Ripper book


3:12 AM

Hello. I was supposed to post something. But I forgot what it is. So I might as well tell what’s on my mind right now.

I was reading Jack the Ripper First American Serial Killer by Evans and Gainey. But unfortunately I wasn’t able to process any information that has been said on the book so I’m currently stuck at chapter two. It discussed a detailed assassination of Lincoln and many names were bought up and is quite confusing for me ’cause I didn’t study any American History as I am from the Philippines. Booth and his co-conspirators — which I don’t remember the names, even surnames — were theorized the very main reason of Jack the Ripper’s killing… It is due to many conspirators, a search was called to find these and justify the death of the president — sometime after the execution of Booth and comrades — a high-ranking(?) officer arrested a herbal doctor and kind of degraded? him I dunno* Well anyway, this doctor was released and then later he went to London where the killings were done. Thus that doctor might be the mysterious Jack the Ripper.

And I’ve been irritated that the book some times doesn’t have a punctuation when it’s needed. Parts were there’s no comas and it peeves me so much. And I’m just in chapter two! Two! Ugh.

*I somewhat didn’t understand some things and based it on my own apprehension so these maybe inaccurate.
❇Note that I am still in chapter two and the book is kinda thick; a bit like your normal novel but inside has no spacing and packed in a page. So yeah. TMI. ㅠㅠ

I was gonna tell about the other book too that I started ’cause I was frustrated with Jack the Ripper but nah. Next time. —I’m already chapter nine there after a couple of hours— lol.

— Mayu ♡

3:50 AM


Jack The Ripper First American Serial Killer by Steward Evans and Paul Gainey


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