3:54 AM +8 GMT

  Hi. Hello. Good morning? I am writing now cause I have this case of insomnia right now. I have cured this last last week. I think some cause are the following. Though I don’t think this may interest some of you. This just a rant, mind you.

  Unfortunately, one cause was of Misa de Gallo, the series of about 9 or 10 night masses or shall I say near daybreak masses that you complete for a wish when Christmas is near. It also seems that it was caused by stress or by untimely lifestyle. I was supposed to be a night or evening class student but I have such classes in 7AM and some ends by 9PM. How unfair to have a 7AM class when your in a night class. And also when I read! I cannot stop until I finish the book. But even after I finished the book, I still can’t sleep. Omo. What to do?

  Whenever I suffer this at night it feels weird in the morning. Waking when there’s still sunlight. Ain’t day and night supposed to be equal? Bah. It’s also such a to waste a day away. How many things you can do in broad daylight that you can’t do at night? Don’t answer that. Thought if I am in some rural area or countryside I think I’d be able to do it. But I’m afraid of what’s in the dark so just stick to the normal lifestyle.

  So I think that should be it. Cause now I’m sleepy and my eyes are dropping. It’s nice to write to sleep cause reading to sleep is overrated. Lol.

   —Mayu ♥


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