First Blog

2013.11.21 11:15 AM

My first blog.

I told myself that I wanted a blog but when I thought it through I realized that if I would make one, I would just forget it and it will be inactive. But here I am. Writing this blog.  And for all I know I will soon neglect this page and it’s saddening. But for now, I want to make my stay worthwhile.

In this page, I might post a blog about my day– if I have time, about my obsession about BEAST, my stories, my craziness in life or just anything I could think of that will interest me.

You might  think I’m crazy after reading few of my blogs but just so you know, I am what I am. In fact, I’m much more crazy in person. Ask my friends about it. I’m really loud.

Anyway, I hope to continue writing forever and make my dreams come true. Well, that was out of the blue. But it is true.

Mayu ♡



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